Software for control, optimization and repeatability in the digital decoration process

Colour Service proposes itself as a technological partner for ceramics in the issues related to the creation and daily management of the digital ceramic laboratory, in all its possible variations: chemical, colorimetric and graphic. The issues relating to the chemical aspect of the products used daily in traditional or digital production cycles, are managed in collaboration with the Smaltochimica laboratory, which deals with analysis and instrumental tests daily. Regarding the colorimetric and graphic aspect, the most obvious developments necessary to "guide" digital printing systems were the spectral scanner and the Colour Profiler software.

Colour Profiler, the heart of the ceramic color management system, has evolved considerably as a result of complete control of variables and problems in digital printing. The main developments are the following:

- insertion of a chart and a linearization system: knowing and limiting the trend of the single ink in order to avoid color waste and to optimize the color range of the printer;
- creation of a complete profiling system, in order to know the colorimetric response of your printing system;
- increase in the number of colors managed: being able to control printers with a variable color number between 3 and 12 color bars;
- insertion of new control functions, analysis and comparison of the gamut, in order to know the colorimetric response of your printing system;
- possibility of working not only on white or otherwise clear glazes, but integration and complete management of any basic color;

Article reported in the CER journal