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Colour Service is a Smaltochimica brand and was born to support the needs of Color Management, acting
as a partner in the management of the Ceramic Laboratory.

It boasts more than a decade of experience, which allows to offer its consulting, training and sales services not only in the Ceramic sector but in every other industrial sector where there is a need for Color Management.

Having the most advanced Color Management Technologies the mission of Colour Service is to support the customer in a path of growth that leads him to make the most of all the opportunities in Digital Decoration in the Ceramics sector.

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Colour Service is a Smaltochimica's brand

Colour Service is a reality in the field of color management with a deep-rooted experience of its staff in color issues for new printing technologies.

It acts as a complementary partner in the control and management of the ceramic laboratory, supporting it in the choices necessary for the optimal use of the new decoration technologies.

But Colour Service is not just about ceramics, but also consulting, training and sales for every sector where color management is a priority.

The objective is to support and direct the customer in choosing the best technologies for their business, offering services, hardware and consultancy for color management and the creation of digital files for the ceramic sector and printing services in general.

The Colour Service mission is to support the client in the growth path necessary to make the most of the new opportunities provided by the entrance of digital ceramic decoration.

It masters the most advanced color management technologies; previous experience, together with the use of proprietary solutions with a high technological level, make us the ideal partner for digital ceramic printing.

Colour Service offers spectral scanners and related proprietary software for the acquisition of subjects and in general for color management for the ceramic sector.

We also offer ourselves as a service for the preparation of files and profiling according to customer specifications, supporting it in the industrialization of the product.

We provide consulting and sales services for computer equipment for the digital laboratory (acquisition, management / processing and printing hardware), for controlled light lighting systems for showrooms, laboratories and quality control areas.

We also provide calibration and repair services for color reading tools and courses and training on software and hardware.

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Acquisition software for the spectral scanner

The hyperspectral scanner is combined with an acquisition software that allows to:

- Scan parameters control;
- White and dark calibration;
- Choice of the type of resolution;
- Processing and saving of data;
- Combination of several scanned "slices" to make large surfaces.

Color Profiler 5.5

It is the color processing software that allows you to manipulate the files generated by the spectral scanner and perform the following operations:

- Generation and printing of calibration pages;
- Creation of target printers gamut;
- Import of the file, spectral or graphic;
- Visual and statistical verification of the out-of-gamut;
- Possible comparison between two gamut, visual and statistical;
- Possible change the colors of the acquired file;
- Print files according to the specific requests.


Color processing software that allows the production of color proofs for inkjet plotters with traditional inks.

- It is possible to create custom linearizations and separation models, based on the colors used and the specific needs of color reproduction.
- Any type of printer can be linearized, regardless of brand and model.
- It allows excellent results even where the color space is extremely limited, as often happens with ceramic color spaces.
- The ICC color profiles generated are compatible with the main graphic applications such as Photoshop and Rip printing based on ICC standards.

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Spectral Scanner

The spectral scanner is the result of a collaboration with the University of Parma, a reality of excellence in the field of color research. The inspiring source of this machine was a research aimed at obtaining precise color information in the field of art restoration.

The scanner, depending on the model, allows the acquisition of graphic and spectral information (in the visible color spectrum from 400 to 700 nm) on an area from 350x450 mm up to 1000x2000mm with resolution which range from 150 to 600 dpi. It is composed of a transmission spectrophotometer coupled with a CCD that allows very high resolution acquisitions.

The illumination of the subject to be acquired is obtained through halogen lamps illuminating a ball cylinder (D / 0 ° lighting): this type of lighting has been chosen as it has always been used in all the color reading instruments in the ceramic sector (spectrophotometer SP62), in addition to the fact that it is the best in avoiding reflections or dispersion of light in the case of scans of shiny or structured surfaces.

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Colour Management

Color Service has a wide range of products to complete Color Management activities

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Complementary products


Eizo and Lacie professional monitors, various models and formats.

Specific monitors for the graphic sector, designed and built to guarantee the best possible visualization. High quality panels allow the homogeneity of the visualization, the hardware support the calibration and guarantees the constancy of the colors over time. On some models, sensors adapt the brightness of the screen to the ambient light.


Computers based on Macintosh or Windows operating system with high performance. Thanks to the long experience in the graphic sector Colour Service will be able to propose the best combination of hardware according with your needs.


Printers are selected over the world market, according their constancy over time, uniformity of the reproduced colors and for the reproducibility of every graphic detail. Machines that can be controlled by hardware calibration to guarantee maximum uniformity of results.

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Assistance and Training

Colour Service makes available for his customers, courses for training in order to put the technical staff in the best conditions to use hardware and software provided. Moreover it also provides a good assistance service for the calibration of spectrophotometers.

Currently the following training courses are open:

Course A - Colorimetry and automatic reformulation

Training objectives: Understanding color communication - color management in the ceramic industry

Topics covered: colorimetry concepts, creating a color file, before starting to formulate, formulation and correction, waste recovery, quality control, standard lighting, learning verification.

Course B - Inkjet profiling

Learning objectives: Learning to manage color in the digital ceramic workflow. Recipients: Technicians and graphic designers involved in the management of digital printing images

Topics covered: profiling, starting, RGB / CMYK profiling, Multicolor profiling, standard lighting, learning verification.

Course C - Photoshop courses

The course taught by a specialized teacher will aim to deepen the knowledge of your operators on the indicated Adobe applications.

Being a personalized course, it can be adapted, even dynamically, to the skills needs of the operators for whom it is intended, dealing with concrete problems and using their workstations.

The duration and schedule of the course can be modulated based on the actual knowledge and issues that will need to be addressed.

Courses can be held at the Color Service office or at the customer's. All courses are conducted by Color Service "X-Rite Certified" staff.

All participants after the verification of the learning, will be recognized the certificate of attendance for the specialization carried out.

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Mirko Turrini - mirko.turrini@colourservice.net

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Sara Ciamaroni – sara.ciamaroni@smaltochimica.it

Technical Office:

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Mirko Turrini - mirko.turrini@colourservice.net

Tel: +39 338 9174862

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